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    Solar Panels are the fastest growing sector of renewable energy. With the Government Feed in Tariff you get paid for all electricity your roof generates. Not only that but that electricity is free and is yours to use to power your home, fill in our online form click here or give us a call on

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Reducing energy bills

With the cost of powering your home spiraling year-on-year, more and more home owners are choosing to fit Solar PV panels, which not only radically reduce their electricity bills but also earn income by selling excess electricity to the National Grid.

Solar Panels can reduce electricity bills by around 50 per cent for the life of the system, and earning on average £900 annually from selling excess electricity back to the Grid, solar panels are now being seen on increasing numbers of homes across the UK.

EYG Solar are a leading solar energy company who specialise in home solar power systems. We can advise you on solar panel costs and give you all the solar energy facts to help you make the right decision on solar panel installation.

EYG Windows and Doors have been helping customers to save money on their utility bills for over 40 years through thermally-efficient windows and doors, and now customers can go even further to improve the energy efficiency of their home by installing Solar PV panels on their roof through EYG Solar’s Installation team.

EYG Solar is fully accredited by Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) which is supported by the Department of Energy and Climate Change.


* Your electricity only becomes free once the capital costs of a solar p.v. system have been recovered

** £900 earning is based on a 4kWh system in zone 11 facing south with a roof pitch of 40 degrees and utilising 50% of generated electricity. Feed in tariff calculated to 31st January 2016

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